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MANMAN Technical Support

Select Support is The Support Group's value-priced technical application support service, designed for companies that have a good working knowledge of legacy applications and need only supplemental support. Our highly-skilled technical support staff is available for phone-in, email and IM application support to work in accordance with the original documented application reference and training manuals.


The Support Group Select Support Includes:

The “Core 4” modules: MG, OMAR, AP, GL (additional module support available at additional cost)

MANMAN support for the FORTRAN coded system, including basic MPE/iX support relevant to the execution of the MANMAN software (includes Image and Query)

Modified software (FORTRAN source code and documentation required)

Special preferred pricing for training, modifications and consulting



HP support or equivalent for hardware

HP support or equivalent for MPE/iX and FOS subsystems

FORTRAN compiler

System manager and system operator proficient in MPE/iX or VAX VMS

Trained users proficient enough with MANMAN applications to perform their functions and discuss their problems


The Support Group Select Support is available to our customers, Monday through Friday, 7:00 to 7:00 (CST)
English language only.

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Basic Support Tier:

Select Service TierSelect
Technical Support by Phone
(7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Central Time)

Select Plus Service TierSelect (+) Plus
Expanded Phone Support (24/7)
MPE/iX or VMS Operating System support

Premium Support Tier

Preferred Service TierPreferred
The Support Group support will manage your systems and your applications for you

Premiere Service TierPremiere
The Support Group will host your systems at our data center in Austin, TX. A complete systems management and application management service

Legacy Service TierLegacy
HP3000 System archival -- support for regulatory / audit response. Send your retired HP3000 or VAX to us. We'll keep it in a ready state.