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The Support Group has established a cooperative partner network of industry-leading companies focused on MANMAN to help you optimize and extend the life of your legacy ERP investments.The Support Group customers benefit through these strong partner relationships across the broader innovation agenda that can be leveraged for business value. To learn more about these companies, their products or supplemental services, contact The Support Group today.



Adager Corporation

The Adapter/Manager for IMAGE/SQL Databases

Model 1 - Daily Maintenance

Model 2 - The Full Power


EDiX/3000 - EDI Subsystem for MANMAN®

LSR/3000 - Labor Summary Report

Robelle Solutions Technology, Inc.

    SUPRTOOL for HP 3000 - Data Extract and Sorting Tool

    Qedit for HP 3000 - Text Editor and Development Environment

    Qedit for Windows - Client/Server Editor for MPE, HP-UX and PC Files

Summit Systems, Inc.

  • Ready to use MANMAN® Enhancements

  • *NEW* Cost Rollup System

  • Bill of Material Audit Trail

  • Bill of Material Comparison Tools

  • Component Obsolescence Utility

  • Credit & Collections Manager for OMAR

  • Enhancement Collection for Accounts Payable

  • Enhancement Collection for OMAR

  • MRP Pegging System

  • Multi-Level Component Availability

  • Production & Variance Report Writer

  • Purchase Order MRP Update Utility

  • Vendor Performance Measurement System

  • Streamlined Sales Order Maintenance

  • Native Mode Library

  • Automatic Receipt Vouchering Utility

  • Routing Analysis System

  • Streamlined Cash Receipts

  • Transaction Log Toolbox

  • Usage and Transaction Tracking


    Vesoft MPEX


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Basic Support Tier:

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Technical Support by Phone
(7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Central Time)

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Expanded Phone Support (24/7)
MPE/iX or VMS Operating System support

Premium Support Tier

Preferred Service TierPreferred
The Support Group support will manage your systems and your applications for you

Premiere Service TierPremiere
The Support Group will host your systems at our data center in Austin, TX. A complete systems management and application management service

Legacy Service TierLegacy
HP3000 System archival -- support for regulatory / audit response. Send your retired HP3000 or VAX to us. We'll keep it in a ready state.